Dublin City Council / RPS Group


A couple of months ago I had an opportunity to work on a very exciting communications piece for the Dublin City Council. For years they’ve been using very traditional press release formats to communicate their messages to the public, however recognising the ongoing shift in our media landscape, Dublin City Council decided to change their tactics as well.

Our goal was to produce a much richer piece of communication that would appeal to the public who are spending more and more of their time online: on Youtube, Facebook and other social media sites. In result we created a 3 minute video that uses filmed footage, illustrations and infographics to explain the work that has been carried out by the Dublin City Council under the Dublin Watermains Rehabilitation Project. The finished video was sent to a number of online news portals alongside a traditional press release, it was placed on the homepage of DWRP website and seeded on Facebook and Youtube channels to reach the target audience across a number of digital channels.


  • Script / Copywriting
  • Concepts
  • Design
  • Illustration
  • Animation