Tautas Jazbutis. 3D and Motion Designer. Animator. Illustrator

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Animated Explainer Videos
Explaining what a product, service or a business does in under 90s
Are you launching the next most disruptive startup or an awesome new online service that everyone should know about? Get an animated marketing video to explain how it works and why it will change the world!
Homepage Services
Video Branding
Increase production values of your online videos
You add a logo on your business card, your letterhead and your company cars. So how come your videos don't have any branding? Creating branded elements for your online videos will ensure the highest production values and maintain a clearly recognisable brand throughout the video.
Homepage Services
3D Visualisations
Photorealistic Product Images
Sell your products visually before investing thousands to build them. Concept visualisations, product design.
Homepage Services
Video Marketing
How can you market your videos online?
I provide consultancy services for video marketing online.
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